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" is coming up next. sonoma company. ♪ [music playing] ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president obama and governor romney crisscrossing the nation, hitting important swing states that could decide this election. an election is now 13 days away. president obama campaigning in iowa, colorado, and nevada. mr. obama continues to focus efforts on iowa and. governor romney focusing on iowa and nevada today. a smaller crowd turning out in reno, after the governor had spoken to a massive gathering in red rock, colorado. as the two-man battle for the presidencypresidency, there are new developments that could determine the outcome of this presidential election. and it would certainly raise new troubling questions about whether americans and then pass and then dossey could've been could'v. lou: not only was there live video and audio, but e-mails from libya that described the attacks of terrorists who carry them out in the white house situation room was informed as the 6.5 hour long incident unfolded. e-mails connect. the top-notch security officials are connected directly with the controversia
the obama administration former policy in shambles after the debate says the president needs to defend himself on the lies he has told concerning benghazi. joining us in boca raton, florida, former new hampshire governor and white house chief of staff for president george h. abbey of bush. good to see you. happy monday. this is a nightly cover has to be doing very well indeed. how do you think he is doing tonight? >> the president obviously is the favorite, he is the president, he gets all the briefings. he doesn't take all o these briefings, but he gets all of his briefings. governor romney is going to do a good job demonstrating he understands these complicated issues and more importantly he has the courage to make the decision and be responsible for this decision. this foreign policy assault on benghazi is shifting from a foreign-policy issue to an issue of character. it is pretty clear it is assembling, throwing cia under the bus, suggesting reports in my opinion just don't make sense. lou: let's examine that, john. we have pointed out the presidents and senior officials were obvio
go back to the very city that coordinated barack obama in 2008. a city never get a second chance to make a first impression. when everything is said and done about these debates, such will be sent to the first debate, the debate in denver that created a stir. and for mitt romney, momentum. the debate to prove that he is to be seen as presidential. that moment to make a good first impression because life really affords you a second opportunity. that was the chance that romney needed. despite less than convincing follow-up performances, maybe the rest does not matter. that was the debate about voters thinking that mitt romney was just as likable and capable and may be just as ready. maybe, just maybe, that was the debate that made mitt romney the possible president. we will know in two weeks. here is what we know now. romney is as competitive as he is, because what he did in denver. that may very well have been the debate but did matter. two weeks out, until these very close elections. showing how all this is shaping up. we have sabrina schaeffer and our own sandra smith. that was
: good evening, everybody. the presidential race taking a disturbing turn. president obama using profanity to directly install -- install governor mitt romney in a magazine interview. the article published days after the president martin patronizes republican opponent in the presidential debate. the president's public behavior, a departure from history as well as ability. the president's critics call his conduct not only disrespectful to his opponent but to the office he holds. we will take all of that up tonight, talking with two leading psychologists, doctors ludwig and guard derrick as we all try to better understand the pressures that the president is under and what he's thinking. also tonight, cbs and 60 minutes inexplicably buried the lead in its interview with president obama that it aireddlast month. cbs releasing a portion of the interview in which president obama talked about benghazi, and he made it clear that the internet video had not occurred to the administration in the first 24 hours as a reason for that attack. why did 60 minutes cut the president's statement? fo
is weak at home. so again, who won? the polls say obama, many of our guests say romney on image. we also have news coming from apple, that stock is going down this morning. and the energy drink business reels as the fda checks monster, oil, gold and especially stocks, all of them way down today. now, is that politics or profits? oh, and italy sends scientists to jail, they can't warn about an earthquake. oh, "varney & company" is about to begin. ether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the eat barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the marke he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. t's just common sense, from td ameritrade. ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪ the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,800. ♪ >> we vote two weeks from today. here is the initial reaction from last night's debate. internet
obama was from monday trite when mitt romney wanted to give no government help. his 2008 op-ed "the federal government should provide guarantees for post bankrrptcy financing and assure car buyers that their warranties are not rascals quote. justice sample of the president's deviation from fact. the condescending attitude highlighted in many repeats today. syndicated columnist said mitt romney when large and obama went shockingly small. what obama did is kept interrupting and his responses were small. very small. petty attack. >> the president appeared more like the challenger than the incumbent. >> stephen hays said it seems the president condescension has crossed the line from aggressive to disrespectful. will voters like him lockheed romney? >> he appeared to be constrained and elevated. lou: the poles are still moving in that romney's direction. investors rattled and the future uncertain with the election to weeks away. will there be the october surprise? november surprise? we haven't covered. ron christi, and chris sky9 walter and john silvia. and ed klein will be with us. the
obama. the republican nominee has moved above 50% in key polls, maintaining that level with just over two weeks from election day. and that is historically a strong indicator of victory in november. the polls turned positive for governor romney quickly after the first debate and have strengthened since. that after the candidates had been in a virtual tie nationally for months with a slight edge to the president. will those strengthening national polls with polls narrowing in battleground states as well and the governor's favorability ratings also moving that combined make it fair to ask whether it's too early to can ask the question, as the third debate is looming this coming mondayay, has america already decided? let's take a look at where these candidates and their campaigns stand tonight. the gallup national survey of likely voters shows governor romney with a six-point lead over president obama. this poll was tied at 48% as recently as the 9th of this month. a rasmussen reports poll of 11 swing states has governor romney up 49% to 47%. president obama losing his six-point octoberr
tomorrow. here comes gerri willis. ♪ gerri: tonight, what gender gap? run the race is president obama's lead among women with 12 days to go. hour countdown continues. and can we just the impression we're being given by our government? more jobs numbers and more questions than answers. i'll break down what you should be suspicious. welcome to "the willis report." ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. but the election 12 days away, president obama was out hawking his new plan to its use the economy. since it is only a 20-page pamphlet it is hard to keep track of. >> my plan. [laughter] i found my plan. here is. gerri: no surprise there. no plan. if it is obama's last-minute ploy to distract voters that he has dropped the ball on the economy. obama can count on one of them and that is his own. the president voting early in his hometown of chicago the first time ever for a sitting president. my next guest is making sure he is not sitting in the white house for long. joining me now, former governor of new hampshire and senior adviser to the romney campaign. good to have you here,
. the economy is growing 2%. stuart: i think the obama administration is going to try to spin this, as positive. 2% in the summer and better than the spring. we've got that. you look inside the number, i see a big jump in federal government spending up 9.6%, you're going to have people who say, they juiced the numbers. they knew it was the last big picture report before the election and release all of this federal money and juice it up and give awes better growth rate and you say what? >> hey, they could have done that, stuart. i don't know. but, if you take out government, we still grew 1.3-- 1.6%, which is right in line with basically what we've seen over the past three and a half years, about 2% growth. that's about it. and here is how i think we get to that 2% growth. on one side, we have these great new inventions, that nothing to do with the government. the clouds, the smart phones, the tablets, this was not built by government. this was built by, heck, steve jobs for one, but others and it's an amazing new technology, but on the other side, the counter weight, what's keeping us from grow
the format of the debate. and he had obama frazzled. he showed the american people how obama's policies over the past fr years have failed. he was extremel effective in fit impressions. that is going to stick with the american voters. neil: bob, i follow tse future markets. while it still favors the president, tho putting money on the line and the president will win. but never has been this narrow. i can only trace the fact back to the first debate, which seems to show tht barack obama was on an equal footing with mitt romney. mitt romney on an equal footing with barack obama. it sort of changed the landscape for debates and. >> i agree, neil. that debate was such a somber, you could argue who won the second and third, but the first one changed the whole ace. it wasn't as bad as president obama's first debate. i agree that history will show that mitt romney wins this, and he has the momentum, still a little bit down in ohio, if mitt romney wins, it's because of that first debate. neil: you know, sabrina, i never like to put stock in one ove the other. so i just look at the trends and thmovi
that obama criticized with wheat size going back to bayonet this an industry but it is the key issue in virginia. neil: you can argue the facts and john kerry was considered the winner of all three debates the issue was more likable who would you rather have the beer? mitt romney does not drink but house subliminal they affect you and you are driven to think is this guy presidential? likable? he can be in the white house? it is more got but maybe the first debate set the stage where both candidates deemed equally capable m. both likable the edge obama had going in is not so much. it is a quick reaction but from romney was the two casual? or just the right balance and was the president trying to make up ground? and presidential? your call. mccain is working his way through the crowd. said is the way it is when you are a surrogate. they bring out the big guns. he is one of the biggest. more after this. 0t[h7 i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned5 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. t, there's no reward without it. i want to
over president obama. this pol was tied at 48% as recently as the 9th of this month. a rasmussen reportspoll of 11 swing states has governor romney up 49% to 47%. president obamaosing his six-point octoberr4th lead in the process. the favorability rating showing a candidate in governor romney who is now likable to a majority of american voters. the pew research center showing governor romney's favorable rating at 50% to the president's 49. a stunning turn around from march when the president's rating was nearly twice that of governor romney's. brand new fox poll in the important baleground state of florida s romney outpacing the president 55% to 51% in the favooables. the gallup favorability poll has the republican nominee on topas well. mr. romney beating the president 52-51%1% incredibly, the left-leaning public policy stitute giving governor romney the biggest lead in likability. the governor up three percentage points on thpresident in that, in tt poll which is co-sponsored bythe service employees international union. talk about objectivity. and the real clear politics electo
next. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. signs of desperation for the obama campaign as polls show the president's support eroding. today's objective, young voters. president-elect counted on them to get him elected, but now he is learning tat they are not full of hope for hi as they were last time. probably because while he is in the white house many young people are still living at their parents' house, facing fewer job opportunities. the president today trying to gin up his base among young voters with nterviews at mtv and rolling stone. will it work? he to talk about it op political journalist and commentator, columnist for the new york post and human events editor and radio talk-show host. welcome. great to have you here. i'll go to you first. you know, this in a tv interview we were listening to this afternoon, and the questions are believable of softballs. it's like so, what was your first date with michele like? i mean, is this whatpases for journalism with the president? >> i think so. a lot of journalists are on his side, so they're giving him an easy shot,
at the libya response from governor romney, other responses by president obama, they need short, concise, be powerful. this is, in fact, the last venue to do something like this just two weeks before the election. neil: finally, the pressure, i think, disproportionally on the president because it's his strength. if there's a rubber mat, he's the guy with the advantage because he's dominating these headlines and events, or did i jump the gun a little bit? >> well, when you look add what happened at the first debate, voters realized he was not the mitt romney the democrats were portraying creating this sense or movement or the swing in the polls that although president obama had a much better debate in the second debate than the first one, that didn't move polls back. there's a sense of romney momentum, and that's something the president has to stop, especially in the last couple weeks. neil: we'll watch closely. after all the handlers are there, sometimes getting there 15-20 # minutes before the debate is done. this is it, final exchange of the candidates of 2012. wrapping up then three p
. president obama and mitt romney are neck-and-neck in the polls. how can they use tonight to score a photo finish win? "money" has the top three things to watch for. >>> plus a tumbling gas prices accelerate but is the relief here already getting isn't enough, another 50 cent per gallon fall could be just around the corner. we've got the details. >>> and, a new, new jersey brawl over sports setting. the heads of the ncaa and professional sports leagues stuck into a lawsuit just to keep you from betting in your fan at this football leagues. governor chris christie is ready to save the day for supporters. we'll explain. even when they say it's not it is always about "money" sandra: first, look's look at today's headlines. stocks recovered from deep losses. caterpillar sparked more jitters over corporate earnings. after dropping 108 points the dow clawed its way back to close up 2 points. >> shares of monster beverage getting mauled. the family of a 14-year-old girl is suing the company alleging her daughter died after drinking two cans of energy drink. it follows a report by the fda associat
a desperate president. the economy shows signs of trouble and the obama team prints copies aftfter glossy magazine outlining a plan. we're looking for anything brand new in that plan. shocking figures on debt and how fast it's growing. would you believe an extra 200 billion dollars in the last 50 days? that's 4 billion a day. technology gone wild? facebook stock way up. netflix way down. zynga, the farmville company in full retreat. death watch maybe? and apple fighting itself? yeah, another big day so watch out. "varney & company" is about to begin. >> good morning, on this wednesday, october 24th. note the date. it relates to the big debt story. as of today, total debt 16.2 trillion. remember when it first crossed the 16 trillion dollar mark, it was september 4th, right as the democrat convention was starting. all right, do the calendar math. in the last 50 days we have added 200 billion dollars to the debt, 4 billion a day. 50 days, 200 billion, 4 billion a day, really, piling up fast. i'll have much more on the story in my take in our next hour. and the attack on the u.s. mission in
obama leading by 5, the go. his trend is towards romney. look at this for momentum. the gallup poll has romney pulling to a seven point lead. the latest daily tracking poll, and adams sunday. best case of the president is a tie. and the latest number, scott will be joined us with those early monday morning results. what are we looking for in tonight's debate? what do when tudor libya, iran or israel? read your comments in the next hour. facebook please. look at this. a warning on firewood courtesy of none other than the state of california. that is on organic would. if i am -- if only the cave men had known they were encountering division danger in their lives. this is the subject of my take in the next hour. a warning label on organic would. iran and libya will be major topics of the final presidential debate. senator john barrasso after the opening bell. did the president's miss lead with this statement? >> took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> let me -- [talking over each other] >> act of terror. look, if you have copd like me, you kn
: could not perforce is at risk. president obama accepted responsibility finally during the second presidential debate. one month later. but since then has said nothing. of the president claimed he was unaware of any requests to blame -- increase security and blamed others for the shift of the story. >> intelligence was coming as more information came up. what is true of the american people can take this to the bank. my administration plays thee3 straight. we don't play politics with american national security. >> vista's explain why the two video was not part of any explanation to say it is part of the attack. may take this up tonight with john bolton and up to date on the presidential campaign and the polls are tightening. governor romney makes a speech in iowa as the president has another version of the old plan with better pictures. is the president's definition of fair a reflection of comprehensive enterprise? we began with the benghazi controversy. the explanation does not stand up to what we're learning today. fox news has learned cia operatives have a laser target pinpointi
it almost has will feel of a postdebate. predebate, a lot of advocates for mitt romney and barack obama, were out in force, singing their candidate's praises, sometimes lowering expectations, they are apt to do then afterwards they are heroes, you know how it goes it is part of pot ses a dead even race, this is florida, this is for 29 eelectric rall roll votes, righw the trend of late is mitt romney's friend. marco rubio, find senator from the fine state, to show you how popular rubio is, i somehow mistake this with fans of mine. but he is is always here early and prompt, that make you stan out among your colleagues. he made the mistake of showing up early, not good, he was deluged but police and gracious -- poly the and gracious. >> my favorite question can you react to the debate, pretend the debat has happened. i am a cyc-- i am not a psychic. neil: what did you think? >> romney did great. neil: the argument is more on the president. because this is his strength, foreign policy, right? not mitt romney. do you agree? >> i don't. i think that the president is an experienced debater, o
weeks until election day, president obama unveils hissbankrup blueprint fr america, welcome to willis report. gerri: i'm jerry willis, president obama and mitt romney back on the campaign trail where president is blasting romney's foreign policy, wrong and reckless but, one republican senator said it is obama's foreign aid that needs to be looked at. rand paul of kentucky with more, welcome back, so, you have been talking about foreign aid for a long time, now you put your money where your mouth it, tell us about the ads. >> we're running ads in west virginia, ohio, florida, missouri, and we're contemplating going into montana and pennsylvania next. letting people know that their senator continue to vote to send aid to countries that are burning our flag and not protecting our embassy, i think that most americans would be appalled to know this. gerri: it is not chump change, pakistan $2 .1 billion, egypt $ 1.6, libya 13.1. should we yank the money from the countries and what is the bases for deciding who gets aid. >> a story today the president of egypt saying amen to annihilating the
that killed four americans, including a u.s. ambassador. leaving the obama administration totally on defense. for more on this john bolton, former united nations ambassador and fox news contributor with us now. i'm so glad you're with us because this is getting complicated. you know, at first they said it was not an act of terror, and then apparently it seems that they knew it was all along. where are we on this? >> i think these e-mails are very significant. my sense is just the few that have become public by the tip of the iceberg. at one level they confirm what we already knew which is in real time because of cellphone communications from diplomatic security personnel at the council in benghazi, it was clear this is not a demonstration that had gotten a little bit out of hand. this was an armed attack undoubtedly by terrorists that are quite common in eastern libya and benghazi specifically. what is significant about these e-mails, i think, is that they make it unmistakably clear that at the highest levels in the white house, the state department, the defense department, the intelligence
. good morning, everyone. in that off the record, then on the record iowa interview, mr. obama said he will work for a grand bargain on the budget. avoid the fiscal cliff. i can, too. a plan for a second term, 20 glossy pages of it, appears the at every rally and promises to tax the rich and create jobs. well, there are 12 days to the election and the president risks looking desperate. the polls are still running against him and so is the economy and the news on it. new job numbers and layoffs still at a very high level. desperation for microsoft. today introduces windows 8. it's make or break for the one time software king and for its chief, steve ballmer, yes, it's getting very close on the edge. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪ the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,800. ♪ >> okay. i admit it, maybe i was wrong about the on-line game maker zynga, do you remember this? i say there's a limit to how much longer real people will invest real money in these fake farms,
, maybe. >> the fact is president obama is taking credited for the fact we're puing more oil even thougheople say he doesn't deserve t on federal lands oil production is down. >> it's do on federal lands. production is up in the private sector and -- the argument has been made the market sets prices. yes, the markets set prices but they tend to forget the middle east op cartel controls 40% of the oil supply. the president needs to focus on supply issues and during the great recession, gas was still $3 and $4 gallon. until grge w. bush lifted the moratorium on drilling inhe gulf, gas plunged by 30 cents and the -- now president obama said i agree with that. he said it is about supply. >> bill, is gas going up because of the president's policies or not? >> maybe because of the president's policies but the real question is is it because of his green policies. focus on one cause of driver anguish. the ethanol mandate. they're black jobs. ethanol destroys the environment. i'm looking for a president candidate who oppose the boon doogal. >> john, i know rick disputes this and the presid
than double where they were when president obama took ofce. whenhe president took office, the price of gasoline in naus county was $1.86 a gallon. now it's 4 bucks a gallon. >> he said when i took offe the pri was $1.80. $1.86? why is tha the economy was on t verge of collapse. because we were about to go through the worst recession since the great depression. >> the president wentt on to say the gas prices are going back up because demand is back up. governor romney says prices are spiking because of te president's green energy push. i'm david asman, welcome to forbes on fox. >> full house today. mike, is the president right? >> no, he's absotely wrong. he showed how clueless he was about our energy policy. blaming the stronger economy on higher gasoline prices misses the point of the reagan recovery where t economy boomed and gasoline prices fell and the clinton recovery where gas prices fell. the president blocked the pipeline from canada which is cost us a tremendous amount of jobs. he confiscates taxpayer dollars. >> rick unger a lot of conservative critics of romney are concer
sached billions of dollars. >> he's broadly right. this is just bailout of obama was theft. it was taking money from creditors and giving it to the hands of union. the idea that a company goes bankrupt and disappear is a fiction that the obama administration would like you to believe. airlines and companies go bankrupt and restructure the loans and get lean yer taxpayers are off of the hook and everybody is happy and get better cars. a lot of mom and pops called it theft. the real fiction here. yes, it is true a company can go in bankruptcy and emerge. real life was gm-chrysler didn't have enough money to pay suppliers or employees, and by the time the government could have negotiated guaranteed with anybody that might step up to make a loan, those companies were out of the business. it is reality and he's showing why republicans never say i am sorr it is ridiculous. >> steve, is rick right that bankings were so bad shape they would have gone in bankruptcy and no one would have lent them money. >> in the fall of the 2008 there was a panic on government guarantees. but geral mots and chrys
ahead of obama-biden in florida, t biggest bateground state. the "orlando sentinel" today, central florida's biggest paper endorsing the gop challenger despite supporting obama in 28. is florida a done deal for mitt? let's ask. byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner". doug holtz-eakin,merican action forum and steven sigman, senior vice president for global strategy group. steven what i will start with you, what happenedo your candidate's big mo? >> look at a poll every two minutes you see sething different. melissa: there i momentum here. there is a trend here. >> i actually don't think that's right. i think the trend at the end this week, ifanything is ind back to the presidt. but much more important --. melissa: what poll would that be? >> the poll of the "rasmussen poll" today, the ipsos poll today, the marist, "wall street journal" polls in wa and wiscons show the president up by six and five points and 18 among women. the polls are going all ov the place. what they really --. melissa: there are a lot of polls. >> what they show is close race. me
all of this. >> it is right. they are not sure what to do with the obama care . what sally said is correct economically. better to pay insurance or rising cost of the health care. but obama care, we didn't reform anything. all we did stick 30 or 50 mor people on a insurance role without the problems of health care and now they are talki about doing something with it now. that's what is you causing it to be worse and a short fall of 10,000 over the next year to deal with it. >> sally, get in with this. the issue is mal practice lawsuits and they didn't get protection. >> i didn't think we were going to relitigate obama care. everybody seemso maybe except johnathon who want to get rid of medicaid. and providing coverage for people - on poor people. you don't like the way obama was con-- >> let me make a point. all . careou wanto give and help you want to give is destructive to health care . he wants to pay people 64 percent more is a arbitrary number. wages exist in rlity and all of the intervention to fix the market place destroys it. >> you know, johnathon i rather be in america
. gop challenger mitt romney choosing not to push bolivia situation with president obama. he thinks mr. romney missed an opportunity to win this thing. >> i think you could have done it in and authoritative way. as an american citizen, i would like to know what happened there. i would like to know about when jay carney did the same thing. i do not want to see for americans slaughtered anywhere. dagen: to mr. o'reilly's point, he made a prediction, if romney won the debate decisively, he would be the next president. he did not. what is my next guest think about this? he just travel to libya last month following the deadly attack to the u.s. consulate. congressman, good to see you. should mr. romney had demanded tougher answers. >> i think that romney did exactly what he needed to do. he definitely talked about how to bring together the economy and foreign affairs and in a way that only that romney could. pointing out the failures of the obama administration and the fact that we cannot afford four more years of administration under barack obama. dagen: you did not want more detailed answ
presidt obama attack first, and then use that as a chance to explain myself sing, you know what? those 47% deserve an opportunity. there's more checks out the door than jobs created. i want to represent the 47% and make sure they have a chance, and i will work for them. that's what you do. you spin obama's policieswhich are more checks, more dependents, and say,isten, that's a shame. that's a shame they get a check. no onements to get a check from the government. it doesn't feel good. opportunity feels better. that's what i do for the 47%. john: i thought he was saying it does feel good to them, they like getting a check? don't some people like it? >> i think some do. i mean, hey, i'm greek, i know at happened in greece better than anybody. i think giving people free stuff is politicallyseductive and people don't want to work, but i think if you're going to spin it, and that's what's you're asking me to do, that's how i would. john: president obama was criticized for saying this. >> if you got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> the issue is that they kep
cash for a lo time, but also taking a big bite out of it. we learned the obama campaign raisedded a billion dollars. wow. that does not include $64 # million from the very outside groups the president likes to smack around. the romney camp raised plenty from the same guys, but the fund jz raising specialists say mitt romney doesn't bash them. that's true. what do you think of this? >> it's a branding problem. i think that, unfortunately, the demoatic party, the obama administration campaign has trapped the g.o.p. and mitt romney into a box by saying we are the party that defends the 1%, and in return, we're trying to, you know, keep the tax rates low and no tax hikes so that makes us, in a weird way, backed into a corner defending the 1 #%. that makes us look like we defend the special interests. neil: if that's the case, and, i mean, i know you argue it's not true, come bac at say, well, why are you taking money from the same group that is last time we checkedhe 1%. >> it's the obama spin. a lot of teem -- a lot of people are not like you into the news. everybody catches glimpses
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